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The hardware and services from the Sony 2014 E3 Conference

At 7mm thin, nothing in it's class can beat it.

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1 - What's your favourite announcement to come from MWC 2014?

Xperia Z2Xperia Z2 TabletXperia M2Xperia SmartBand

In their latest blog post, Sony Mobile have posted a teaser image along with the title: Shh… do y…

Rolling out Now

Sony gives us a look at some of the 4K products and services introduced and covered at their NAB 20…

There comes a time in every gadgeteer’s life when he or she runs out of battery at the most i…

The final set so on sale.

We've had a redesign

Watch Sony Mobile's 2014 Mobile World Congress Conference covering all the announcements of the Xpe…

Sony announces the successor to the 2013 Xperia Z1, the Xperia Z2 and the successor to the 2013 Xpe…

What's around the corner for Sony Mobile?

Seems to be just a case of an official announcement.

A change is afoot.

"PCH-2000 model PlayStation Vita 'Slim' will be launching in the UK on February 7th, with a recomme…

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